Lara D’Amelia has been a teacher of aerial disciplines since 2008.

You have taught in various schools and, among the most important in the sector, is the Cirko Vertigo Foundation in which you have held intermediate, advanced groups in the recreational, pre-professional and professional groups, she has worked as an event choreographer.

She was trained in Cirko Vertigo and decided, in addition to following her artistic and performer career (Biography), to teach initially following the lessons of Igor Matyushenko as “apprentice” and assistance when she was still studying.

Subsequently having formed, she held her courses and her goal as a teacher is to spread the information on safety that she was able to create in her courses, managing in any case to maintain a pleasant, sunny and constructive atmosphere in the lessons, also comparing herself with colleagues and adults. pedagogical professionals.

Coreografia di sincro Tessuti<br /> (professionale e professionisti. Vertigo, Reply)



The workshops are structured by choreography and / or technique. The works are completely aimed at the individual to exploit and enhance their potential and natural abilities to the maximum.


Private lessons

Possibility of private lessons for choreography and / or technique. The work in the single lesson is completely aimed at the individual to exploit and enhance their potential, natural abilities and those to be acquired and worked to the maximum. In cases to be evaluated and agreed, private lessons can be held in 2 students (max 3/4 people) to make the most of the time.

Saggi corsi ludici (Vertigo)

Web-based lessons

Group and private

Specific enhancement
Floorwork and verticals

If you have aerial gear in the house:

Circle (aerial hoop)
Fabric (Silk)
Technique (to be evaluated with the student)

Via Zoom