Our “I’m” kid


Certainly, like books that deal with this topic and have been inspiring, there are:
The little Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupéry.
Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll.

Which can also be watched later in the movies (I would always recommend reading the book first and then watching the film):
The Little Prince by Mark Osborne. It was done in 2015 so it is also very current and could approach the vision of the boys now.
Of “Alice in Wonderland” we really have many versions; es. 1999 Nick Willing, 1951 Walt Disney, 1949 French short film, 2010 Walt Disney Tim Burton.

It would therefore be interesting to propose a comparison between the various interpretations of the directors.

Many took inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s book, from 1982 to the latest in 2016, also by Walt Disney (Alice through the mirror). At least three should be chosen at different times.

Other examples of film, but by no means less important, are:

Big Fish, Tim Burton 2003: a perfect comparison between the son who “does not see” and the father who “sees”.

The fabulous world of Amelie, Jean-Pierre Jeunet 2001: a continuous search for love, intended both for others and unconditional help for others, and the conquest of her soul mate given by very important signs for her. The film is seen entirely by its way of perceiving reality and finding solutions, sensitive and dreamer so as to give it a continuous important mission to carry out to reach the conclusion that basically is happiness.

These examples of books and films deal with the topic of DIMENSIONS or the search for our “child”.

Our “child” is understood as our imagination and the possibility of being what we want and when we want thanks to the imagination and, possibly, to make that fantasy also reality with the power of passion.

It is a message that I address to adults who often cannot perceive that state due to daily routines.

Related to the school instead, I think it is a good motivational path for teenagers who start to find themselves in the early stages of choices and crossroads that will determine their future. It is a show that motivates the search for what you want to be without prejudicial schemes but simply by starting to listen to that little voice (our unconscious) that sometimes speaks but it is very easy to suffocate it because nowadays we are all in a hurry and stressed and it becomes difficult to give him time to express himself.

That voice speaks only if there is absolute silence.